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C-Suite Executives: 9 things you NEED to know about Public Cloud

Updated: May 22, 2023

With the rapid adoption of public cloud around the globe, we are seeing a skills shortage ultimately leading to spiraling costs, security breaches, and a failure to capitalize on the huge opportunity that cloud computing brings. Over the next nine weeks we’re going to dive deep into each of the areas on this list that C-Suite executives need to know, to ensure your public cloud journey results in Cloud Ascension rather than Cloud Chaos.

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1. Create a cloud strategy (and share it!)

Your cloud strategy should describe what you intend to do, why you intend to do it, and how you intend to do it. But does anyone else know what the plan is? A plan is hard to follow if nobody knows it exists!

Confusion about cloud strategy

2. Use Public Cloud for the right reasons!

Choosing public cloud because the infrastructure costs are cheaper on paper is a mistake. If this is your reason for moving to public cloud, consider your business reasons and try again.

Moving to cloud for the wrong reasons

3. Manage your cloud finances

Have you heard people complaining about cloud costs spiraling out of control? How about the story of the developer who leaves a $20,000 per day service running for a week before anybody notices? These things can and will happen unless you understand cost control in the public cloud.

Accidental cloud spend

4. Secure your Public Cloud Platform to reduce risk

Security and Risk teams should be the first people involved with public cloud. Even if your organization isn’t in the cloud, your best employees are already experimenting. Do they know what they should and shouldn’t do?

A pirate stealing cloud data

5. Unleash the cloud's full potential with DevOps

If you aren’t building cloud workloads with code and pipelines, you’re leaving a lot of the cloud’s value on the table.

DevOps is the Cloud Car's wheels

6. Skill up your Organization (and yourself!)

Hopefully you have a plan to train your staff to succeed with public cloud. But what about your executives? Senior technology management may have only been hands-on with traditional computing models, making it hard to unlock the true value of cloud computing.

Misunderstanding the cloud

7. Know when to buy versus build with public cloud

Ever heard the saying “Build what differentiates you from the competition, and buy what doesn’t”? Make sure you understand how this translates to the adoption of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services.

Confused about buy versus build in the cloud

8. Avoid the temptation to "Lift and Shift"

“Lift and Shift” is not a strategy, it’s a costly mistake. There may come a time when lift and shift makes sense, but do not start out your journey with this approach.

Laughing at the lift and shift

9. Avoid multi-cloud strategies

Companies building software in a B2B model have a competitive reason for being in multiple clouds – meeting their customers where they are. If this doesn’t sound like you, then you probably want a single public cloud provider.

Concern over going multi-cloud


For any public cloud scenario, the following considerations are crucial for success:

Failure to address these key points will likely result in chaos for your cloud program. Check out our articles in the coming weeks to understand the why behind these actions.

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