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The technology industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented increase in cybercrime.  Organizations are buying more tools than ever to attempt to block threats, mitigate risk and reduce the attack surface.  However, this can lead to a costly, inefficient and unmanageable security posture.  Our approach is different.​

We evaluate your existing assets, align to industry standard frameworks (such as NIST, HIPAA, PCI DSS), and focus primarily on the protection surface.  It is far more efficient and cost effective to harden your existing assets (a known quantity) than to try to protect against every possible type of attack (potentially limitless quantity).  We are experts in protecting the latest cloud technology without compromising on agility and business productivity.

If you have upcoming compliance requirements, need a third-party security assessment, or just want some advice on how to secure cloud workloads, contact us today!

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Identity and Access

Identity and Access allows your employees to access systems securely while keeping the bad guys out.  We are experts in implementing the latest technologies in this space such as Multifactor Authentication (MFA), Privileged Identity Management (PIM), Conditional Access and Password-less Authentication.  We can also help you enhance your Role Based Access Control processes and procedures to simplify and streamline the way people gain access to your systems.

Cloud Security

We focus on security with all of our service offerings.  We're experts in aligning to industry standard compliance regulations such as NIST, HIPAA, FedRAMP and PCI DSS.  Our model ensures compliance prior to configuration, mitigating the likelihood of threats to your cloud environment.  Our comprehensive cybersecurity approach hardens and defends systems and data, as well as identity and access.  By leveraging the latest tools and automation in the cloud, we help you achieve continuous, automated security protection and monitoring throughout the technology stack.

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Microsoft Compliance

Meet compliance regulations easily and automatically by leveraging the latest automation tools in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.  We can help you align to industry standard regulations providing automated real-time compliance scoring.  Use our expertise to guide you through managing your data in the cloud through information protection, data loss prevention and enforcing data retention across the Microsoft Stack.

Regulatory Compliance

Our experts can help guide you to identify and analyze your existing digital estate through a combination of Enterprise Architecture, Risk Management and Cybersecurity techniques.  We then take a risk-based approach to help align your assets to industry standard cybersecurity frameworks.  We specialize in processes and systems hardening aligned to the latest cloud technology, all while helping your organization to gain compliance certifications crucial to your operations.

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