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Identity and Access

The new era of digital computing is revolutionizing how we think about technology.  The walled gardens of traditional enterprise networks are being taken down as businesses migrate to cloud computing and accessible anywhere thinking. 


This shift to an online and connected workforce makes Identity and Access more important than ever.  With more and more publicly accessible services, it means cybercriminals only have a username and password between them and your data. 


The latest identity protection tools have a multitude of additional layers of protection, but often these security controls are left ignored.  We can help you bring your identity and access management into the 21st century, reducing the risk to your cloud data.

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Azure Active Directory

Identity and Access allows your employees to access systems securely while keeping the bad guys out.  We are experts in implementing the latest technologies in this space such as Multifactor Authentication (MFA), Privileged Identity Management (PIM), Conditional Access and Password-less Authentication.  We can also help you enhance your Role Based Access Control processes and procedures to simplify and streamline the way people gain access to your systems.

Azure Identity Protection

Leverage the latest tools to dynamically protect against threats.  Automatically detect risky sign-ins and risky users, and leverage workflows to lock accounts or require MFA if risks are detected.  We can help you take full advantage of the suite of tools offered by Microsoft to secure your users and your data, across your digital estate.   

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Data Center


Implement a delightful experience for your users while leveraging the depth of identity security provided by Microsoft, extended to your entire digital estate.  We can help you to implement single-sign-on in your SaaS applications to take advantage of a simplified and secure identity model. 


By leveraging a single provider, users have drastically less passwords to manage, which reduces your attack surface.  Most cloud services only offer a limited amount of security controls.  By integrating with a world-class identity provider, you can bring the latest security innovations such as MFA, Privileged Identity Mangement and Conditional Access to the rest of your digital estate.

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