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Enterprise Architecture

Principle Choice offers expertise in the latest Enterprise Architecture tools and techniques to help IT Architects, IT asset managers, business leaders and DevOps teams to achieve transparency and control over their Enterprise Architecture, Technology and Business landscapes.

Enterprise Architecture is evolving with the shift to cloud computing, DevOps and Digital Transformation.  As industries move to a more agile way of working built on a foundation of Automation and DevOps, Enterprise Architecture needs to become more lean and more connected to the business than ever. 


We'll help you evolve your EA practice, or build a new one, that breaks down the silos between the technology teams and the business, and brings transparency, simplicity and control to the entire digital estate.


Capability Mapping

We can show you how to map out your business and technology capabilities in a way that makes sense for your organization.  By visualizing your business in a capability driven model, you can build more robust strategies, plans and frameworks that change less over time, giving you a more stable foothold on which to innovate in your organization.  Contact us to find out how Enterprise Architecture can revolutionize the way you think about your business and unlock sustainable and measurable value year after year.

Team Alignment

As the technology landscape is rapidly changing, organizations are embracing new ways of structuring their teams to best support the new era of digital transformation.  By leveraging a capability driven model, the task of restructuring for optimal efficiency becomes trivial.  Work with our team to understand your organization with more clarity than ever before, and make team alignment decisions to optimize your operations and accelerate your growth.

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Process Alignment

To build a sustainable organizational model that operates efficiency, we have to have standards.  Uniting people with technology to deliver those standards requires simple, actionable processes that are easy to follow.  Let us help you map out your business processes so that you can understand where to cut out waste, where more rigor is needed, and where to automate.  We have industry leading expertise building sustainable organizational structure, processes and documentation to help your business reach the next level.

Technology Alignment

Tech sprawl is a huge problem in today's enterprises.  As each organization grows, the technical footprint tends to grow organically.  As a business leader in a large enterprise, how do you know if your team really needs that new tool to streamline a process, or add more security?  Does another division already use a similar tool that serves the same purpose? 


By leveraging our Enterprise Architecture expertise, we can help you to bring clarity to procurement decisioning and help eliminate duplicity in the tech stack.  This makes your digital estate cheaper, leaner and massively reduces operational overhead providing a significant return on investment.  It's exponentially easier and cheaper to secure and manage one video conferencing tool than five.

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